Friday, August 8, 2008

Thursday, Friday

Thursday I did my EDT clean and presses that were left over from Wednesday and I did my zippy circuit for Friday since my Friday is - surprise, surprise - busy with no time for training.

So for the Clean & Press EDT, I did 18 minutes. I am extremely happy with my results, especially since I took a back off week last week. Two weeks ago I did 95 C & P on each arm. This week...............

100 each arm

Oh yeah, baby! In fact, the last five minutes I went nonstop. I just kept changing arms every three reps. It felt great to be able to do that many presses nonstop.

Unfortunately, I have an injury to report. It didn't even happen while training. It happened while bounding up the stairs. My sandal caught the step stopping me from moving upward. As a result, my big toe on the right foot slid ahead and jammed against the step. I don't think it's broken; however, it kept me awake all night and it's swollen. Actually what hurts is my bunion. THE VERY JOINT I HAVE BEEN WORKING SO DILIGENTLY TO ELIMINATE PAIN FROM!!!!!!

From the moment I jammed it, I have been doing my Z drills. I even did my training yesterday with the injury. The pain is better today, so I'm hopeful that by day's end I will be pain free.

Okay, I've got to go get packed for the lake. I'm also playing in a golf tournament Saturday called the Win, Place, and Show. There are 10 teams - man/woman - who all tee off on hole one and alternate shots between man/woman. Whichever team has the highest score on the hole is eliminated. That continues until there is one team left after hole nine. People can buy tickets on who they think will win it, who will place, and who will show, just like horse racing. It's a lot of fun (unless you're playing, like I am; then it's nerve-wracking having 100 people watching you play golf). And, it raises money for the golf course since the course keeps a percentage of the proceeds.

Wish me luck!!!!

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Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Professor, I hope the toe heals quickly and you're back in top form soon!