Monday, August 25, 2008

Look at Me!

This past weekend I finally did something I've been wanting to do for years - parasailing. My friend Tim wanted to do it as well. Beings neither of our spouses was up for the height, Tim and I flew together. Jerry and Tim's wife Angie rode in the boat and took pictures.

The experience was not at all like I expected. I expected a big whoosh and then soaring quickly to great heights. Actually, it was quiet and slow and peaceful. I could have stayed up there for hours.

What made the experience more special was that many of our friends from our condo unit went out on boats to watch. There were four boatloads of people in all. Pat and Susan took all the kids (6 of them) on our boat so they could witness the high-flying adventure. You can see our boat in the picture above. Tim and I just floated over top of them and could yell down to the kids. Good times.

Back to work today and back to training. Both felt great. Here's how my training went:

TGU to Squat and Push Press (2 times at the top of each getup)
15 L, R alternating arms

Last week I only made it to 11 each side because of my foot. This week I made all 15 with very little pain. Brad told me to just go slow, which I did. I think it took me about one minute per rep, so the entire getup session took about 30 minutes. After that it was time for snatches.

Snatch - 35 lb. KB - 8 L, R
Snatch 26 lb. KB - 12 L, R

No rest between weight changes, one minute rest between rounds, 4 rounds.

I feel more focused and mentally ready for the challenge of making myself stronger and healthier. I guess a little coasting can prepare a person for the next hill.


Christine said...

That looks like so much fun!

Amy said...

The training or the parasailing? lol ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Aminator!!!! Awesome pics!!!

Amy said...

How's Kentucky? I ate at Chili's last night in your honor!!! Say hi to El Presidente!!!!