Friday, August 22, 2008

Left to My Own Devices

Brad's training for today looked like this:

Burpee to Clean - 16 kg - 7 L, R
Swings - 20 kg - 15
Clean & Press - 12 kg - 8 L, R
Walking Lunges - 10 L, R
Hindu Pushups - 8

Since I had no specifics on rounds or rest, I did what felt right.

I did four rounds of the drills. I rested 10 seconds between drills and 1 minute between rounds. That felt good to my body. I am working on listening to my body. This week has been hectic, so I need to be still and let my body tell me what it needs.

I'm still having foot issues. Now that I'm back to work, I have to wear shoes. They are giving me a lot of pain in my bunion. Just the pressure from shoes on the bunion makes them hurt. I can't wear my vibrams or flip flops to work, for crying out loud. I am at a loss. Maybe the all-black vibrams would work. People will just think they are ballet flats. Hmmmmmmmmm

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Christine said...

The all black are not as noticeable... but up close, people do stare! Have you tried Tsubos or Danskos? Both look 'professional' and are comfy as hell.