Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hope - Believing in Possibility

I continue to have hope. Hope that I will press that 20 kg bell by Christmas. I believe in my strength. I know it is possible. If I didn't, the goal wouldn't even be in my sights.

I remember the first time I pressed the 12 kg. It was exciting. I couldn't believe that I would ever be strong enough to press more than that weight. Look at me now! Some of you have been watching me branch out; some are new to my journey. Regardless, I want you to see how important hope is, how active hope is, how motivating hope is.

Wishing is NOT hoping. Wishing is wanting something that isn't possible. That is why we wish on stars and birthday candles. Wishes have no power.

Hope gives you power. You must believe and you must know it is possible. Setting goals is crucial. Have someone - a trainer preferably - that you set your goals with so that you can set goals that are attainable. Then trust that trainer to guide your work. Finally, believe in yourself during the process. If you stop believing, the possibilty vanishes.

I wear a ring that says "HOPE" on it to remind me to believe in all of my life's possibilties and to work to make them happen.


Sandy Sommer, RKC said...

There is no doubt you will press the "20" by Christmas. Hard Style power breathing is an amazing tool isn't it?

Renee Yorkievitz, RKC said...

You will get the 20kg - soon! You are one strong cookie! What adds to that hope is keeping this blog (tangible) to keep yourself true and accountable to you & that hope! Go girl!