Monday, October 6, 2008

Why Everyone Needs a Trainer

I would never put together a training program like this one for myself. It takes an objective outsider to put a person through the hell that is EDT - Escalating Density Training. If I had to count on myself to come up with this torture device, it would never happen. That also means I would never push myself beyond my comfort zone.

Conclusion: Hire a trainer to push you to your limits and beyond.

Here is a breakdown of the EDT fun Brad prescribed for me today.

PR Zone 1 - 15 Minutes
1. Box Jumps - 150
2. One-Leg Deadlifts w/16 kg KB - 75 per leg (150 total)

Okay - can you say spasms in the lower back. Yeeouch!

PR Zone 2 - 15 Minutes
1. Pushups - 52
2. Dips off Bench - 91

Most of the reps were completed in the first 10 minutes. After that, my arms were spaghetti. My upper body strength is almost non-existant apparently. I have a fire in my belly to change that. (I need more cowbell!) I know I'm female, but that doesn't mean I have to be such a girl!!

As if the EDT weren't quite enough, Brad threw in

High Pulls - w/ 16 kg KB
Descending ladder 10 L, R down to 1 L, R.

This took me 5:15 to complete. I could have done it faster; however, I couldn't feel my hands after the pushups and dips, so I had to rest my grip to prevent the KB from flying out of my hands.

I can't wait to see my EDT numbers after a few weeks. I am confident that I will do my RKC community proud! Hold me to task. Don't let me wuss out. Brad is going to be in Africa for a couple of weeks, so I will need you all to hold me accountable while he is gone.


Sandy Sommer said...

Your post is very true. It is amazing how 30 seconds of rest can become 40 in a New York minute when I am flying solo.

I hear the same thing from my classes all the time.

Additionally, there is the social pressure you see in a group class since no one wants to bring up the rear.

Super-Trainer said...

Give someone else the power and they'll use it - haha!

Way to go!!