Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still Feels Good

Yeah, I know. I didn't post my Friday training. It wasn't too exciting, but it felt good. It's the same protocol I've been doing the past three weeks or so, only I've upped my sets.

VO2 Max Snatch
12 kg
8 rep cadence for 10 sets
7 rep cadence for 40 more sets
360 snatches in 25 minutes

Last week I did my VO2 max with the 16 kg. This week I was tired, tired, tired, so I used the 12 kg. I did 8 reps to get my heart rate up and then did the remaining sets at 7 reps.

Waiter Windmills
12 kg
5 x 5 L, R

I will most likely be doing the same weekly training routine for three more weeks. I really have to work on being okay with the same training 6 weeks in a row. I have a brain that gets bored, so doing the same training each week can grate on me. I've been working hard at finding a challenge in the training each week. Hence, the EDT has served me well. I also set goals each week for each session.

I used to complain to Brad that I was bored after 4 weeks of the same training. He didn't give in to me. I had to trust him and do what he prescribed. When I quit fighting him (about 5 months ago) I found that training became more productive. Doing the same training cycle allows my brain to focus on improvement instead of learning the "routine." I don't have to worry about what comes next as far as drills. I can put my energy into doing the drills better, increasing my reps, increasing my strength.

If you struggle with training boredom, I challenge you to set goals and to look at the routine as a positive. It puts your brain to use for good instead of evil, so to speak, the evil of stagnation.

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