Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Z Health - Finding the Lost

I found something today, something I forgot I lost. Huh?

I found my center. I found it while focusing during my Z drills today.

Let me explain. After yesterday's training, I was, shall we say, a bit sore. I had to do Wednesday's training today because I won't be able to on Wednesday. I knew that if I wanted any chance of completing the training today, I would need to Z. Brad had quite a few push presses planned.

First, I did the following:

20 Burpees - 2 Swings (16 kg)
18 Burpees - 4 Swings
16 Burpees - 6 Swings
etc. to
2 Burpees - 20 Swings

That took me 9:30. I looked at the press work on deck.

Clean & Push Press - 20 kg - 3 L, R
Clean & Push Press - 16 kg - 6 L, R
Clean & Military Press - 12 kg 4 L, R
Three rounds

Time for Z. I needed strength, physical and mental. I set my iPod for several of my new tunes - Staind "Tangled up in You" and "Believe," Shinedown "If You Only Knew," 3 Doors Down "Your Arms Feel Like Home" and "She Don't Want the World." (I need the right music for all of my activities. I'm very tied to music.) I closed my eyes and practiced the Z drills that my body told me it needed. Everything clicked. The movement, my breathing, the release. Then, the calm.

I've been running like a crazy person for weeks. My Z session chased all that tension and anxiety away. All my attention was directed toward my center. It's so hard to explain how it feels to be in the "Z Zone" except to say it is a calm release. I usually cry when I'm there. I can't help it. Today was no exception.

Now that I felt my center, I was ready to press those bells. Each lift was a joy. I was aware of my entire body; every part felt connected. Amazing!!!

I need to take the time to do this more often. There are too many times I just rush through a few Z drills and move to the next thing that is begging for my attention. I have to stop and focus on my Z. I need to keep my center close now that I found it.


Renee Yorkievitz, RKC said...

Great work-out Amy!

I feel the same way about music. It gets me in "the zone." It puts me in a better mood, it seems to give me strength to push through my workouts (whether it is 6 more heavy swings or 5 more seconds left in a plank). It has a great effect on me! :)

Amy said...

Are you an iPod junkie like me? If I'm ever stuck with a dead iPod, I can barely train! I NEED my tunes.

How long have you been an RKC? Do you post on DD?

I appreciate your checking out my blog and commenting. Stop by any time!!

Renee Yorkievitz, RKC said...

I LIVE by my iPod, working out, in my car...wherever.

I rec'd my RKC in Sept...what an experience. I know you agree! I have been all over th DD forum, but haven't posted.

I keep up with my own blog as well as surf other KB & RKC blogs & post comments as well. It is so enlightening. I have enjoyed your blog for a couple months now. Thanks again!