Monday, February 2, 2009

Be Here Now

Adam Glass gave me that phrase to put in front of me while training. It was my mantra today and it worked. Let me lay out my training and fill in with my thoughts.

Bent Press - 20kg - 6x1 l,r
-Last week I did 4 on each side. Well, actually I did four on the right and two on the left. The other two on the left were with the 16 kg.
-This week I kept a good pace going. I pressed left and then right. Walked to the water fountain, walked back, press left right. PRE - 8

Long Push Press - 20kg - 5x3 l,r
-Last week these were weak, especially on the left.
-This week I squatted deeper and was able to do all the reps at a steady pace. (See above) I really had to repeat "Be here now" to myself to get through these. These are not fun, but I want to get stronger, so I'll get my head into the practice. PRE - 9

Pull-ups - Green band - 3 x 6 reps
-My new bands have not arrived, so I used the green one and really focused on doing a slow pull. I concentrated on firing my lats for each rep. PRE - 7

Suit Case Deadlifts 85 lbs. - 5x1 l,r
-Not much to report here except that I completed these much quicker than last week. Again I kept a steady pace to my lifting and resting. PRE - 6
(Reminder - PRE = perceived rate of exertion)
When I was finished, I did some plate curls with two 5 lbers. Doubling the plates makes it a lot tougher to hang on when the arm is extended. With all this grip work, I'll really be able to torque on the throttle my Harley this summer! BONUS!!

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