Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday's Training Log

In all my excitement surrounding my nine 24 kg bent presses yesterday, I did not post all of my training from Monday. So here it is.

Bent Press - 20 kg - 5 x 2 L, R
-Actually, I warmed up with 2 x 2 L, R w/ the 20 kg. Those were quite easy, so I switched to the 24 kg (53 lb.) bell.
-On the right, I did 3 x 2 with the 24 kg bell.
-On the left, I did 1 rep 24 kg, 1 rep 20 kg for three sets.
-All in all, I did 6 reps on the right with the 24 kg and 4 with the 20 kg.
-I did 3 reps on the left with the 24 kg and 7 with the 20 kg.
PRE - 9 (I loved every minute of it!)

Push Press - 20 kg - 5 x 4 L, R
-I was supposed to do long push presses, but did not feel like it.
-These are getting easier. I think I'm almost ready to military press the 20 kg (44 lb.)
PRE - 8 on the left and 6 on the right

Pull-ups - Green Band - 4 x 6
-Wouldn't you know it; when I got home, my purple and black bands had arrived!
PRE - 6

Suitcase Deadlifts - 95 lbs. (bar + 50 lb.) - 4 x 2 L, R
-I love these!
-My grip needs to improve. I had a tough time on the second rep keeping the bar from rolling out of my hand, especially on the left. The first rep would go well. I'd reset for the second rep, pull, and yikes, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.
-I know I could pull more; however, if I can't hold onto the bar, I really can't pull more.
PRE - 8

Tomorrow I get to do heavy TGUs and snatches!

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