Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feed the TGU

Today it was TGUs baby!

RKC Arm Bar to TGU
16 kg (35 lbs.)
10 L, R
PRE - 7

Last week I did 8 per side and it took me awhile. I would do one on each side and rest. This week I did 5 each side (alternating) and then took a break. Then I finished the other 5 each side. This week I did 4 more in about 4 minutes less time.

Did you know that iPods get in the way when you're trying to do an arm bar? I had to stop and take off the pod. The plus side was that I was very much "here now." The pod was put back in place for the second part of my training session:

Snatches - 16 kg
7 L, 7 R at the top of each minute for 12 minutes
PRE - 9

Did you know that this type of snatch protocol is worse than MVO2? I would rather do 30 minutes of MVO2 with the 12 kg bell 15:15 protocol, 7 rep cadence than 10 minutes of this torture device. My heart rate was still at 105 bpm 5 minutes AFTER I finished.

I sound like I'm complaining, don't I? I'm not. Actually I'm in awe of my body. It seems to be responding really well to this heavier training. I know because I'm ravenous. All my body wants is water and protein.

You should see my PHD. I'm eating almonds, eggs, steak, protein bars, protein shakes. It's crazy! I don't crave anything but protein. That's how I know this training is effective. My body wants to build more muscle. Bring it on!

Time to get the munchkins to bed and then myself. Long day tomorrow.


Renee Yorkievitz, RKC said...

What in the world is an RKC armboard? Training looks great!

Amy Jurrens, RKC said...

The RKC Arm Bar - did you do those at your RKC?

When you are lying on your back for the TGU with the kb overhead, you roll over onto your side while keeping the kb locked out overhead. You have to go slow and really create tension to keep the kb from pulling your arm away from your body. Great shoulder work.

So, if the kb is in your right hand, bend your right leg and start twisting until your right knee touches the ground. If you can, straighten that right leg and try to get both hips to the ground. You'll be lying on your stomach with your right arm extended holding the kb.

Then you slowlly roll back and go immediately into the TGU. Sound like fun? I love it.

Good to see you back blogging! I'll be checking you out later today.

Renee Yorkievitz, RKC said...

WTH! No we did not do those in Sept! I have seen people on YouTube doing those but had no idea what they were called. They sound tough...but fun!