Friday, May 1, 2009

Still Thinking

I'm still here. I'm still thinking. It's been a reflective week.

Not only have I been thinking about my training journey, but I have also been thinking about my physical and mental journey. I've been going through "before" and "after" photos. Talk about eye opening!

In January I had a meeting with a gentleman who hadn't seen me for two years. We had seen each other several times a month for three months while working on a project back then. When he saw me in January, he didn't recognize me. That was crazy to me. I didn't realize how much I had changed until that moment.

That moment, that "a-ha moment," gave me a push to start really focusing on my training goals. I immediately signed up for Brad and Adam's Grip-N-Rip and have been gaining strength ever since. I've dropped more weight as an added bonus, too, but that wasn't really my intention. (Gotta love those perks!)

I've also been pondering how much my mindset has changed. I attack my training, in fact my entire lifestyle, with determination. I want to keep pushing myself to see who I am deep down, when training is tough, when nutrition is tough, what do I do? How do I behave? Where do I still have work to do? Where do I give in, give up? Where do I push through? I learn something about myself every day.

So, I've concluded that my new goals will center around challenges that push me to do what I never imagined was possible. In January when Brad and Adam told me I would do 200 16 kg (35 lb) snatches in 10 minutes, I didn't imagine it was possible.

It was.

I just had to push myself. I never imagined a pull-up was possible. It is. I just haven't given it enough time for my strength to develop. It will. I will do pull-ups. I will do weighted pull-ups. Just not next week.

What's on deck for my goals? P -n -P - Pistols and Presses. To do those will require many days of TGUs, bent presses, squats, and deadlifts. Bring it on!!!


Adam said...

The only limit to your ability is the one you place on yourself.

Now do a get up with a 32kg for me.

Amy Jurrens, RKC said...

I will Adam, just as soon as I get a 32 kg!! Got one you can loan me? ;-)