Monday, October 25, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Today I ate earlier and ate less than on Friday. I made it through 5 rounds of my 5 drill circuit. Mission accomplished.

See Saw Military Press - 26 kg
Egg Rolls - 5 L, 5 R
Walking Swings - 20 kg - 20 yards
Frog Jumps - 20 yards
Crab walk - 20 yards

17 minutes, 20 seconds

Gotta keep moving. Haircuts and play practice yet tonight. Tomorrow night - meeting. Wednesday night - massage and play practice. Thursday night - parent-teacher conferences in two towns and play practice.

Next week I have practice, dress rehearsal, and four performances (Wednesday - Saturday). It's so fun being in theater, but so time-consuming. The play's the thing!!

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