Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday's Training - Good Stuff

More push, pull, swing on Friday. I'm curious to see where this leads me. More fat loss? More upper body strength? Less pain?

I'd answer "Yes" to all three. My body is a great personal trainer. It gives me the best workout for each day I train because it tells me the best movements for my body at that moment.

I put the three movements that tested well together in a circuit again and set the timer for 26 min. 30 secs - the same amount of time I trained on Wednesday. I wanted to see if I could increase my total volume in the same time frame. I did. Score.

Kneeling KB Press - 12 kg (26 lbs.)
Left - 34 reps, Right - 40 reps = 1924 lbs.

2 Arm Inverted Rows - TRX
46 reps = 4600 lbs.

Swing Roundabouts - 28 kg (62 lbs.)
87 sets = 348 reps = 21,576 lbs.

Total Volume = 28,100 lbs. = PR

I also set an intensity PR with the swing roundabouts. On Wednesday I did 15 sets (60 reps) at a time. For this workout, I did 17 - 20 sets (68-80 reps) at a time. My grip must be getting stronger.

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