Monday, January 3, 2011

20 Tons of Fun

No kidding. I moved 20 tons in 20 minutes of work time today. That is a huge Volume PR for me. To be exact, I moved 40,727 lbs.

Push Press - 16 kg - 8 min.
Left - 31 reps - Traditional position (feet shoulder width apart)
Right - 30 reps - scissors stance
-That's 2135 lbs. total, 266.9 lbs./min., and 7.63 reps/min.
-I mainly did sets of 6 reps.

1 Arm Inverted Rows - TRX - 10 min.
Left - 108, Right - 108
-That's 14,040 lbs. total, 1404 lbs./min., and 21.6 reps/min.
-I did sets of 12 reps/arm with my feet a bit closer to the center. I worked speed today and it showed.
Volume & Density PR

Swing Roundabouts - 28 kg - 12 min.
99 sets = 396 reps
-That's 24,552 lbs. total, 2046 lbs./min., and 33 reps/min.
-I did all sets of 12, except for one set of 15. The last time I did these, I did all sets of 10 except for one set of 15.
Volume & Density PR

Well, I'm pleased with my first training session of 2011. Tracking my training makes all the difference. I can see my results quickly and know that I am getting better every training session.

Are you tracking your training sessions? Why not?
Don't know where to start? Let me help guide you.
Isn't it time you start seeing the results you want?

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