Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Body - The Ultimate Training Tool

I had my bodyweight circuit day on Tuesday. I like these workouts because they show you don't need anything but yourself to get a good training session, i.e., one that kicks your butt!

After the bodyweight circuits (6 drills, 4 rounds) I did some Greasing the Groove on pullups, pushups, and pistols. Guess what? They were easier. WTH? GTG works. Each week I get a little stronger and a little more confident.

I caught a glimpse of myself while sitting on the floor in the TKD room where I train. I was doing some Z drills and I turned and saw myself. I was a bit shocked because I didn't recognize myself sitting there. That's because I wasn't hunched over with rounded shoulders. I was sitting tall with my shoulders back, and my midsection looked solid and supported.

Then it hit me. I carry myself differently. I have more body awareness and presence. I no longer want to hide, to retreat by slouching. Had I not seen my reflection, I wouldn't have known how much I've changed. I guess it's time to take a good hard look in the mirror and see who I am becoming.

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