Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Three drills today. Three 8 RPE ratings (Rate of Perceived Exertion). It was a great day for me in the gym.

Open Palm Plate TGU - 35 lb. plate - 5 x 2 L, R
-These aren't hard on any part of my body except my wrists and "knotty spot" in my back. I needed lots of Z between sets to get my wrists to recover.

1 Arm, 1 Leg Deadlift - 28 kg (62 lb) - 5 x 4 L, R
-On the left, I have fantastic balance and control. On my right leg, I resemble a pitiful tightrope walker. My big toe won't plant. Once I find a foot position that is stable, I'm good.

Bent Press - 28 kg - 8 x 1 L, R
-Okay, who put "24 kg" on my 28 kg bell? Seriously? On Friday I struggled to get 4 w/ the 28 kg bell. Today, 8 went smashingly well. I blew myself away. Crazy!

After my training, I ate a big bone-in ribeye and green beans. I'm still hungry. What to eat? Sprouted almonds anyone?


John Roberts, RKC said...

Amy the Mighty Oak continues to reach her branches to the light of the Sun and her roots to the deep aquifers of Earth. Nice progress!

Amy Jurrens, RKC said...

Thanks for your support, John! I'm impressed with your use of imagery. Are you a poet, too? Oh, my raspberries are done (it froze here). Do you have any extra you could send my way??? :)

John Roberts, RKC said...

Not a poet. Just a lot of pondering time on the tractor. Your picture and motto below it helped me: "From the tiny acorn springs the mighty oak".

Yes, my neighbor still has PLENTY of raspberries. He said they should keep producing but slowly until the first frost, which might be in November.