Friday, October 2, 2009

Hello Lats

Nice to feel yah. It's been a long time. (Sing to the tune of the Conway Twitty song "Hello Darlin.")

Holy Moly! I am still sore from Wednesday's training. In particular, the pullup negatives. My lats hurt so bad it is hard to pull up my pants, let alone my body! ;)

As a result, I was only able to complete part of my training. It was a challenge to get this done.

1 Arm, 1 Leg Deadlifts - 28 kg (62 lbs) - 5 x 4
RPE - 7

Bent Press - 28 kg - 8 x 1 L, R
-I did half of these with a 24 kg bell. Why? Well, my first attempt on my dominant side (right) failed. My lats were shaking. So I did four with the 24 kg bell and then switched to the 28 kg. I gotta say, the 24 kg (53 lb) felt rather light, so that is definitely a good sign.
RPE - 8

I spent about 20 minutes doing R-Phase Z Health drills and my Zscription. Through all of this heavy training, my knot in my back has been kept under control, and my feet have felt great. I had a few arch cramps on Tuesday, but now they feel fantastic.

I have a whole lot of nothing to do tonight. Yippee!! Time to unwind.

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