Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Black Eye Wednesday

No, I didn't injure myself. It is the two week anniversary of my run-in with the jerk, however, and I am finally black eye free! Today's training was solid.

Double KB Jerks - 16 kg bells (70 lbs. total) - 7 x 7
-I did lots of Z drills between sets. I was jacked today.

Double KB Cleans - 20 kg bells (88 lbs. total) - 5 x 8
-Good times. I feel so powerful when I throw 88 lbs. of cast iron around.

Goblet Squats - 24 kg bell (53 lbs.) - 5 x 8
-These still put some strain on my low back, but I'm NOT whining. Just observing.

I'm happy to be moving forward. I feel as if I'm making progress now after a few stalled out weeks.

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