Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Training Like a Viking

It was more double kb drills today. Lovin those bad boys!

Double Snatches - two 16 kgs (35 lb each) - 8 x 3
-These were tough! I had to put a swing between each rep to get enough hip snap. My low back is still a little stiff from the spasms I had 10 days ago, but the training seems to be helping. It feels a whole lot better after I've trained.
RPE - 9

Viking Push Presses - two 12 kgs (26 lb each) - 10 x 8
-These were strong. I finally feel like a Viking!
RPE - 7

In case you're wondering, my eyes came through unscathed this Wednesday. My battle wound is almost gone. I am painfully aware now just how close those bells come to your head when practicing jerks and Viking Push presses. Be careful!

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