Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quick Trip

Another icy day in Iowa. Luckily this was a scheduled vacation day for faculty at my college. After getting caught up on dishes, emails, and facebook updates this morning, I took a little snooze this afternoon. Let me rephrase that. I took a power nap. (Doesn't that sound more like something a serious athlete would do?)

Driving 20 miles to the gym where my kbs are located didn't seem too inviting, so I ventured down to the high school for some training. It's a quick trip to the school, and I had a quick training session.

2-Drill Circuit - 5 rounds - 10 minutes
Sumo DL - 48 kg (106 lbs.)
50 reps = 5300 lbs.

Dbl KB Cleans - 32 kg (70 lbs.)
75 reps = 5250 lbs.

Presses tested well also, so I did 8 minutes of one arm DB presses with a 30 lb. DB. I did 40 reps total in 8 minutes. Intensity PR

I just need to bring dumbbells back into my training. I've been using KBs exclusively for so long, I kind of forget that they are just a tool, not the only tool.

Just a quick trip, but I feel better for having moved my body in biofeedback-approved ways.

Bring on the Turkey!

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