Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You Speak and I Obey

I'm glad I had the presence of mind to listen to my master - my body. It never steers me wrong. Today, it told me exactly what to do. It was easy to listen and obey because I have a track record of success from doing so. I can't think my way to success. I can only DO.

I went to the gym and tested several movements. Animals tested well as did squat to press. Okay, great. Complex, full body movements. This will be great. Away I went.

Squat to Press - 16 kg
Bear Crawls - 20 yards
Crabwalk - 20 yards
Scorpion - 20 yards
Egg Rolls - 7 Left, 7 Right

After 10 minutes of moving quickly and with quality, my body said, "No ROM for you!!!!" (So now my body is the Soup Nazi? )

Okay. Nuff said.

I'm a little disappointed though because I'll be traveling the rest of the week, and I won't have a chance to train until Saturday. Bummer. I'll use the time to enjoy the break. Talk to you later!

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