Friday, November 12, 2010

Soaking It In

Tonight I've had the opportunity to just relax and enjoy a fantastic meal. I don't have any obligations or stressors. It's been so sweet to soak up the peacefulness.

I had a great training session today, which probably helped with the relaxation.

Circuit - 24 min. 30 seconds

One Arm KB Press - 12 kg
Left - 46 reps
Right - 54 reps
100 reps = 2600 lbs.
-Each side tested different. On the right, I took a scissors stance and twisted my torso toward the right. On the left, I kneeled down and twisted toward the left. Look at the result - I had an increase of 14 reps from my session on Tuesday.
Density PR

Sumo DL - 48 kg (106 lbs.)
75 reps = 7950 lbs.

Dbl KB Swings - 40 kg (88 lbs.)
150 reps = 13,200 lbs.
-That's an increase of 25 reps since Tuesday.
Density PR

Total pounds moved = 23,750 lbs.
I moved that in the same amount of time as Tuesday. Tuesday my total volume was 18,400 lbs. To be fair, on Tuesday I did double cleans w/ two 16 kg kbs. Today I did sumo DL w/ two 24 kg bells. But, I did increase my reps in press and swings. I'm very pleased.

Look! A blimp! (Live Strong MDK!!)


Peter "Fucking" Baker said...

Do you do them til they stop testing? Or do you do them til you feel like moving on?

Amy Jurrens said...

I do each drill until I feel an element of effort. Then I stop that drill. When my ROM comes back, I move to the next drill.

Peter "Fucking" Baker said...

By effort, you mean more than needed normally? Like when something starts showing signs of fatigue?

Michelle said...

AHHH - I just saw it!! I am certain that your fantastic weekend was due to that "Live Strong" injection on Thursday night?! Something to ponder . . .

Amy Jurrens said...

Oh Michelle. I know you're right. Thursday was just what I needed to relax. I need more Live Strong moments with you guys!