Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm in Love

Since it's Valentine's Day, I thought I'd come clean. I'm in love. It's been building for about a month. Today I realized that I couldn't deny it any longer. Yes. I'm in love with

my Plateau Buster.

He was very good to me today, even though I haven't been with him for a week.

Sumo DL - 250 lbs. - 8 minutes
74 reps = 18,500 lbs.
-I did sets of 7 and 8 reps. This is the most weight I have ever DL in my life. I also moved as quickly as I could. My overall density was 2312.5 lbs./minute. Not bad!
Intensity and Density PR

Swings - 200 lbs. - 9 minutes
119 reps = 23,800 lbs.
-That's 19 reps more in the same time as one week ago.
Density and Volume PR

I moved 42,300 lbs. in 17 minutes. Love that.

After sumo and swings, I did some movement - egg rolls, bridges, and waiter press. It's been too long since I've rolled around. I definitely needed it.

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