Monday, February 21, 2011

PRs Come in Small Packages

I've grown accustomed to moving 30-40 thousand lbs. every workout, so today's total volume seems small in comparison. It's okay. I still had a big PR. That means that even though one metric didn't increase, another one did. It is good to remember that and not get fixated on increasing one certain metric (density, intensity, volume, movement quality). What's important is that I am increasing one of them. That means I am better.

Circuit - 7 Rounds - 19 min.

Sumo DL - 270 lbs.
35 reps = 9450 lbs.
Intensity PR

42 reps

One Arm Rows - 16 kg
Left - 70 reps, Right - 70 reps

I'm so happy with my intensity PR on the sumo DL. I never thought it would be possible for me to lift over 200 lbs. Right now my ROM doesn't allow me to lift a straight bar. Since I got the plateau buster, I've been able to quickly increase my intensity on DL. The largest plates I load it with are 35 lbs. I've also used 25 lb. plates as the largest plates. I vary the plate sizes to work different ROM.

I don't plan to be a professional power lifter, or even an amateur for that matter. Being able to DL a straight bar isn't a priority for me. Getting stronger and losing body fat are. Heavy DL and swings will help me achieve both.

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