Monday, February 28, 2011

Move It

I'm quickly moving into longer circuits, which means more work time, which means more calories burned.

Here's tonight's circuit.

5 Rounds - 26 min. 30 secs

1. Lunge to High Kick
Left - 50 reps, Right - 50 reps

2. Rotating One Leg Pushups
50 reps
-Start in the position of a crabwalk w/ your butt off the ground. Rotate to one side so you are face down with arms extended. The leg you lifted up in order to rotate stays elevated. Do a pushup and rotate back to face up. Rotate the other direction.

3. Jumping Sumo Squat to Jump Up
50 reps
-Jump your feet out wide and squat. Jump your feet back together and then jump up.

4. Inchworm
20 yards - 5 times

5. Side Lunge Jump with Floor Touch
100 reps

My body is still loving all this movement. It's a good change of pace from the heavy lifting I've been doing.

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