Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Body Weight Training

I tried out a few more body weight drills. It was fun to put down the weights for a day and work what my momma gave me!

Circuit - 5 Rounds - 22 min. 30 secs

1. 1/2 Pistol to 1 Leg Pike Press
Left - 25, Right - 25
-While balancing on one leg, you do 1/2 squat then pull the free leg behind you while falling forward to your hands and doing a push up. Then you bring the free leg in front of you and begin again. This takes balance and extreme core strength. I had to touch my free leg down between reps quite often. I have a lot of room for improvement in the movement quality.

2. Burpee to Jump
50 reps
-Burpees are hard enough by themselves, but add in the jump at the top and wowsie.

3. Inverted Rows
50 reps
-I did these on the TRX. I love how I have more range of motion with the TRX than on a static bar.

4. Sumo Squat to Knee Raise
80 reps
-These were really fun. I love sumo DL and squats, so this drill was enjoyable. I alternated which knee I would raise. I raised my knees to between my elbow and shoulder.

I can tell my body was craving a change of pace. Body weight drills are fitting my needs right now. I'm looking forward to improving my speed and ROM with each of these drills.

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