Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Common Denominator

I did it! I snuck in another training session today. Movement is keeping me sane these days, fo sho!

As I review my training log, I see that there is a common denominator in today's training. That number is 7. Here's how it went:

Circuit - 7 Rounds

1. Swings - 170 lbs.
14 sets
150 reps = 25,500 lbs.

2. Pike Jump to Jump Up
7 sets
49 reps = 4900 lbs.

3. Rows - 20 kg (44 lbs.)
7 sets
Left - 49 reps, Right - 49 reps = 4312 lbs.

I know; not every number is divisible by 7. Many were, though, and I thought that was pretty cool.

I hope I get to sneak in some training again tomorrow. It would be great to move as many days as possible this week since next week I'm performing in a local theater production every night in addition to working every day. I'll be glad when it is April 10.

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