Monday, May 11, 2009

In Shock

I'm in shock. If you're my facebook friend, you've already heard the news:

I did 3 pullups on rings.



Never in my life have I done a pullup. Crazy!!

Now I want to see how close I am to doing a tactical pullup. With the rings I wasn't in a dead hang to start. Plus, I could really use my biceps. However - my lats were on fire when I was finished, so I know I used em to haul my cookies up into the air.

Today, I was back at my new training regimen:

Arm Bar to Turkish Get-Up - 16 kg (35 lbs) - 8 L, R
-I alternated left, right and didn't stop.
-Have I said how much I love TGUs? Seriously. I could do them every day. Not that I will. But I could. :-)
RPE - 5

Bodyweight Circuit:
ATG Squats - 20
Hindu Pushups - 8
Burpees - 15
Dips - 12
Mountain Climbers - 30
-No rest between drills. 1 min. between rounds. 4 rounds
-The 4th round made the RPE go up from last session.
RPE - 7

I am in full out professor mode this week. Lottsa papers to grade before Friday. Why didn't I go into a field where the students just fill in the bubbles on tests? Seriously.

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