Wednesday, May 6, 2009

RPE - 5

I've been back training this week after my back off. I know that my body rested adequately because my training went very well. The entire session rated a 5 on my RPE scale.

My Rate of Perceived Exertion scale is a 1-10 scale, very scientific. Here is how it works:
On a scale of 1-10, how was that?
1=I could do this for hours.
10=Shoot me right now.

I did some suitcase deadlifts with great results. I pulled 85 lbs. on each side and felt strong. My grip didn't give out, which was a great boost. I think the ultimate snatching and SSST two weeks in a row helped strengthen my grip.

I also did 24 kg bent presses. Okay, I NEED to get a heavier kettlebell fo sho!! Who'd a thunk it a few months ago???

I also did 200 12 kg snatches in 10 minutes. That was a cake walk. Seriously.

Maybe I should delete that last sentence because now Brad will give me a killer snatch session next week! Show me some mercy evil kettlebell trainer! ;-)

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words regarding my transformation. I hope that something in my story resonates with all who read it. If my experience is an inspiration to even one person, then it was worth posting the bikini picture.

(Still trying to figure out how I had the courage to push the send button with the photo attached. See, I get stronger every day!)

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John Roberts, RKC said...

Hi Amy,

I like your "very" scientific RPE scale. It's much betterer than my obscure 15-Point version that begins with 6 and ends with 20.

200 12kg snatches in 10 minutes... What would the RPE be for a cake walk, three or four...?