Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Confession Is Good for the Soul

I am doing my walk of shame here. I must keep myself accountable.

I did not do my pistols or pullups on Tuesday.

My asterisk and trap needed a day of rest. Add to this the fact that I have carpenters destroying my house, demanding answers to about 800 questions an hour. Plus, I'm getting kicked out of my kitchen. The result will be fantastic, but feeding two kids and a husband without a kitchen will be a challenge. In a month, I should be moving into a new kitchen. Until then, I will be a basket case because I hate it when my house is dirty. It's only just begun. Serenity now.

Today I have lots of training for myself and my Wednesday night victims. I hope they enjoy the pain!

1 comment:

Roos said...

Can't wait for tonight!!!! Victims we maybe but loving every minute of it.