Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Tuesday afternoon I crashed. All the Z Health and stressors took their toll. I gave in and took a two hour nap, after taking a one hour nap earlier that morning. I crashed so hard I didn't even hear the carpenters taking a wall out of my dining room. Miraculously, I still slept a full night Tuesday.

Now it's Wednesday afternoon and I'm toying with the idea of another nap. Hmmmmm. It's probably too late in the day (3:30 CST). I'll just keep moving and then go to bed early. I've got to put together some fun for my victims. It's our last night of class. I can't disappoint them!

This morning I did the following for my training:

Z Health Drills
- about 20 min. worth of specific drills for my feet, delt, hips, and hands.

Open Palm TGU - 12 kg - 5 x 2 L, R
- Okay, I'd rather do 24 kg TGUs the "regular" way than do these open palm puppies. I know that they are helping me fix a specific weakness, but man, they are killing me.
-I think they were so difficult because my muscles are firing differently now that I'm getting everything back into its proper groove from Z health. For instance, on the TGUs I could really feel my glutes because my big toes were gripping the ground. I've never had this sensation before because my big toes used to just lay there doing nothing. My body has to adjust to a new groove.

Double Jerks - 12 kgs - 5 x 10
-I was supposed to do 2 jerks, then take a short break, then 2 and rest, 2 and rest, etc. After 10 I was to do some Z drills.
-I did the first 10 (going 2 at a time) and then did some Z.
-For the next 10, my hips were firing so well I just kept going. I told myself I would stop as soon as my hips quit doing their thing. Lo and behold, they kept up. So I went to 10. Then I did several Z drills, picked up the two bells and went for 10 again. Success.
-I ended up doing 4 sets of 10 with amazing hip action. I am so excited. If you had seen my jerks on Friday, you would understand my excitement today.

Z Health never ceases to amaze me. It works. Don't ask me how. I can't wait to see what's ahead for me in the next month as I put my new groove to work.

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