Monday, June 1, 2009

The New Deal

I started a new block of training today. Big things ahead for me. Today was the first step in a journey to branch out even more, to push myself to new levels. I am excited and scared at the same time. I don't want to even verbalize what it is I'm working toward. I will, in time, when I'm ready.

Block A
TGU and walk 20 yards w/bell locked out overhead
12 kg (26 lb) - 10 L, R
-I alternated left, right continuously without stopping. Anyone working on a shoulder, walk with a kb overhead. It felt awesome!

Goblet Squat to Front Delt Raise w/ 10 lb. plate - 5 x 5
-Pretty easy, but that's okay. I need to get this movement grooved.
RPE - 4

Snatches - 20 kg (44 lb) - 5 x 6 L, R
-I got 30 seconds to rest between each arm.
-My grip was strong on these. Yay!

About a year ago I did my first 20 kg snatch. That was quite an accomplishment for me. Look at me now, snatching it like nobody's business. It is so fun to see the strength gains. I hope next year at this time I can boast about another strength gain or two!


John Roberts, RKC said...

FDR took 100 days to accomplish his New Deal. Do we have to wait that long too? Good progress. Eager to see when you are ready to tell all! :)

Amy Jurrens, RKC said...

Ding, ding, ding! John gets the prize for "Name that Reference"! I'm thinking 100 days will allow me to gauge my progress before revealing the goals.

John Roberts, RKC said...