Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday's Training

It was all good on Wednesday. I confessed my training lapse, which made me push harder on the scheduled training.

TGU to 20 yard Walk - 16 kg (35 lb) - 8 L, R
-I did four on each side, took a minute break, and then did the remaining four.
-I'm thinking this drill may be contributing to my sore asterisk. Hmmmmm
RPE - 6

Goblet Squat to Front Delt Raise - 18 lb - 4 x 8
-I keep my feet close and go asterisk to grass. The last two reps were tough!
RPE - 7

Snatches - 20 kg (44 lb) - 6 x 7 L, R
-I get 30 secs rest between arms, and it's taking me about 15 secs to do the 7 reps.
-The last two rounds are a challenge, but they feel oh so good.
RPE - 8

I'm going to pre-confess here. I'm not going to do pistols or pullups today, as scheduled. Instead, I'm going to do my training for Friday since I have a golf tournament on Friday that I am in charge of and playing in. I will do the pistols and pullups on Friday before my tournament. I promise!

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