Friday, August 28, 2009

Going Out in Style

Hardstyle, that is! I ended my week with a rewarding training session. I see the progress coming faster now that I've dealt with some of my movement issues.

Squats - 24 kg - 5 x 8
Ring Pullup Negatives - 5 x 3
-My squat strength is exploding. Monday I did 5 x 6. Today, the 5 x 8 was strong. The pistol is in my sights!
-The negatives were strong as well. I could see my form in a mirror, and I'm not sure about it. My shoulder seem high. They're not up to my ears, but they aren't down in the sockets either. I suppose that is because I am descending.
-I did these drills as a mini-circuit. They get me pretty jacked. My hips and wrists feel it the most.

Open Palm Plate Press - 25 lb. plate - 5 x 5
-I kept my shoulder locked in the socket and looked up with only my eyes on each rep. I completed every rep with gusto (Monday I had to abort a few reps).
-Practicing my presses is so much more fun these days!

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