Monday, August 3, 2009


I am on a mini-vacation, so I didn't have all of the necessary equipment to do my training today. I was supposed to do plate presses with 25 lb and 35 lb plates, but I only had a 12 kg kettlebell, so I did open palm presses with that - 5 x 5 L, R.

I was supposed to do 24 kg one arm, one leg deadlifts. That I could do! 5 x 4 L, R. Those were pretty easy.

Last, I was supposed to do ring pullups and negatives. No rings at the lake house, so I walked the dog to a nearby park and let her run while I figured out how to do some sort of pullup work. The swing set bar was about 4 inches around. There were no monkey bars. Then I eyed the slide. It had a cross bar near the top step. It was about 2 inches in diameter. I tried to do a pullup on it - no go. So I jumped up, held myself and did a slow negative. I did that 3 x 3 before I was toast.

In case I didn't work my body enough, I ended the day by water skiing over a mile. My arms are shaking now. It's been a couple years since I skied last. Still got it! ha

So, it just shows to go yah that it is possible to get in training when you don't have the equipment you need. Improvise! Find a way. I'm glad I did.

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