Monday, August 24, 2009

Heavy Duty

I'm back to Block B with my training, so it's different drills this week. These drills are heavy hitters!

Squats - 24 kg - 5 x 6
Ring Pullup Negatives - 5 x 2
-I did these as a mini-circuit. Yeeowsie did these hit EVERY muscle. After each round I was shaking. The squats felt incredible, almost easy, yet they worked my entire body hardstyle!!
-I finally got to try out my Elite rings. It took me awhile to get them adjusted, but it was worth it. These rings are much thicker than the ones in my basement, so they will work my grip differently. The only bad thing is that I have to set them up each time I want to use them because I am back to training at the gym every session. (My basement is a plumbing and heating and electrical disaster zone.)

Open Palm Plate Presses - 25 lb. plate - 5 x 5 L, R
-I can tell I haven't been doing open palm work for a few weeks. These were a challenge today, but I look forward to them being a snap in short order!

I have been fighting another challenge this past week. I've been wearing my heart rate monitor to gauge the intensity of my training. Last week I developed a rash right where the monitor rests on my upper abdomen. I'm not sure why the rash showed up after several weeks, but it is annoying as all get out. Of course, I can't wear the monitor now, but I'm hoping that once this rash clears I can use it again. I'll probably have to make sure I take it off immediately following my training to minimize irritation. If it isn't one thing.......

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