Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Doubles

I was back to work today. My classes start Wednesday, and wowsie are they full! That is a great sign for the college!!

I was a brave girl today and wore my five fingers to work. No one said anything, but I was either in meetings or working in my office all day, so I'm not surprised. I may just keep wearing them until someone tells me I can't. :)

I had more double kb drills to do for my training session. Here's what I did:

Double snatches -12 kg - 8 x 4 w/ 30 secs rest between sets
-Still getting used to the wider stance on the double snatch, but boy do the doubles make me feel like an animal! Roooaaarrrrrrr!!!

Viking Push Press - 12 kg - 10 x 6 w/ 30 secs rest between sets
-I was supposed to do 10 x 8, but my form started to slip after 6, so I did 10 sets of 6. Those puppies are tough!

I'm still practicing my Z-scription like a trooper. Actually, I love doing my Z. It is a great way to start and end my day and to relieve tension throughout the day. As a bonus, I'm moving better and getting stronger because I'm not moving through pain. Yay me!

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