Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Workin It

Block B is kicking my butt. I am feeling every muscle in my body. I'm not complaining, though, because I know I'm workin it!

Today Block B included the following:

Waiter TGUs - 25 lb. plate - 5 x 2 L, R
-25 lbs is not a lot of weight for my TGUs; however, holding a plate like a tray is a strain on the wrists. By the second rep, my wrist was screaming at me.
-I did a lot of Z between sets to alleviate the strain.

1 Arm, 1 Leg Deadlifts - 24 kg (53 lb) - 3 L, R
Bent Press - 24 kg - 2 L, R
5 Rounds
-I can definitely tell it's been awhile since I did bent presses. They were a challenge. That's good, though, because I don't want to lose my edge. I can't relax for a second or I'll drop that big kb on my head and pull my arm out of the socket on the way down. Nothing good can come of that!

I must be feeling crazy this week. Yesterday I took the dog for a walk and ended up running barefoot (in my five fingers) for 1.25 miles. Walking just didn't get my heart pumping enough, so I started running. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to run barefoot. I'm surprised I could run that far without my feet killing me. It just goes to show you that our feet were designed perfectly. God knows what he's doing!

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Blasé said...

Block B sounds scary!