Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to the Ballistics

I can't say "Back to the Grind" because I'm back to Block A training - evil double kettlebell ballistic drills. Today's special:

Double Snatches - 12 kgs - 8 x 5 w/ 30 secs rest between sets
-Not bad. These went well.
RPE - 6

Viking Push Presses - 12 kg 8 x 8 w/ 30 secs rest
-These are evil. After about 3 reps, I cannot keep my heels on the ground. What gives?
RPE - 9

I'm still on a quest for shoes. Barefoot Ted www.barefootted.com recommended Vivo Barefoots to me. I tried ordering a couple pairs, but their website is having an issue. It won't take my money. That's fine, but at least send me the shoes! ;-) I'll try again later.


Mike T Nelson said...

I love my Vibrams! If you are in the Twin Cities, Midwest Mountaineering normally has them in stock.

Rock on!
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

Amy Jurrens, RKC said...

I love my Vibrams, too! The problem is that they aren't exactly "normal" looking, so wearing them at work is awkward for me. I'm an English professor, so I can't wear workout clothes to teach in. The two-tone blue Sprints just don't look right with a skirt or even dress pants.

What's a girl to do? *Sigh*

I ordered a two pairs of flats from Land's End that are actually wide enough and quite flexible. I might be okay for shoes at work. (Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually wearing my blue Sprints today since I don't have any classes. Shhhhhhhhhh)