Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Doubles

Today brought double snatches and Viking Push Presses. Neither has ever gone as well as today. I am very pleased.

Double Snatches - 12 kgs - 10 x 5
-I get 30 seconds rest between sets of 5. These felt solid.
-As a side note, I used two different 12 kg bells - an "old" Dragon Door bell and a "new" one. Halfway through, I switched hands. The older bell was smoother and stickier than the newer one, which is actually rough. I could move the newer one more quickly because it didn't stick to my hands. Interesting.
RPE - 6

Viking Push Press - 12 kgs - 12 x 5 (30 seconds rest b/n sets)
-Okay, I'm not gonna lie. I was skeptical when I saw 12 x 5 on my training schedule. I didn't have positive thoughts. However, once I got going, I realized that I could do it. In fact, my last two sets were the strongest. Go me!
RPE - 7

Maybe I'll stop calling the double drills "evil." Or not.

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John Roberts, RKC said...

All that doubles work has to be working both sides of the brain too! It looks like a great way to stay in balance and stay strong. You must not be getting sore because you have adapted somewhat to whatever you do. That's a good thing. Keep it up!