Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Training

Oh yeah. Another strong training session.

Double Jerks - two 16 kg (35lb.) kbs - 12 x 6
RPE - 8

Double Cleans - two 20 kg (44 lb) kbs - 6 reps
30 secs rest
Goblet Squat - 24 kg (53 lb) - 6 reps
30 secs rest
4 times through
-I have the same comment as last time I did this mini-circuit: KILLER.
RPE - 9

After that, I got to teach my newbie victims the TGU. They picked it up quickly! I'm such a proud momma.

From there, I went to teach my Boot Camp Boys (Scott, Kevin, and Sweaty Ben) how to snatch. It was time. They've been devoted kbellers for several months. They did a pretty decent job. Jerks. Not the boys, the lift, didn't go quite as well. That timing is a bit unusual with kbs. Practice, practice, practice! I wanna see some progress next week!! Oh, guys - don't forget to do lots of one-handed swings. Work that grip!

I wore shoes today (flat ones, even) and I have some pain in the ball of both of my feet. It's back to the Five Fingers all day. Which reminds me, I need to order a pair of KSOs. Okay, I best sign off. I'll post after I train on Friday.

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