Thursday, September 10, 2009

Training and Dinner

Nice, solid training session today. I'm picking up right where I left off with Block A.

Double Jerks - 16 kgs (35 lbs) - 5 x 6
-The first round was a shocker. Had to remind my body how to jerk. After that, I felt confident and every rep was strong (and quick).
RPE - 8

Double Cleans - 16 kgs - 6 reps
20 seconds rest
Goblet Squat - 24 kg - 4 reps
20 seconds rest
Repeat 8 times
-Love, love, love the double cleans. I might have to try double 20 kgs.
-Goblet squats were strong.
RPE - 8

Now I'm off to eat green beans and New York strip steak. Might have some cottage cheese with that. For dessert - freshly picked raspberries. They are finally ready!! I live for raspberry harvest. Yummy!!!!!

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