Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am thankful for all the opportunities I have to learn about myself. That is the best education. Today I had one of those opportunities with my trainer and a great teacher - Brad Nelson.

"What do you want to work on today?" Brad casually asked when I walked in today.

Well, let me see. I would like to work on NOT putting the food that keeps me overweight (like cheese and crackers) in my pie hole. I would like to work on eliminating negative thoughts about myself. I would like to do a pullup and a pistol and, while we're at it, I would like to press the 24 kg bell five times please.

"Why do you want to lose more weight?"
"Why do you eat those things when they keep you from hitting your goal weight?"
"Why do you want to do a pullup and a pistol and big press?"

Seriously, you're going to make me think? Just fix me!

First, Brad did "fix me." He watched me squat. I tested it with biofeedback. I did some Z drills for my hips and tested again. It is better, and now I have an arsenal of Z drills I can work on for my hips, wrists, and feet.

I also have a whole new way of approaching my training. It's pretty exciting for a cerebral person like me. I actually like to think about my training. I'm going to get that chance every time I train. If you've been following Adam Glass lately, you know exactly what I'll be doing. You can check his website and see what he's doing with biofeedback here: http://www.adamtglass.blogspot.com/

[BTW- I can't wait for Grip n Rip (http://www.bradrants.com/gripnrip.php). Brad and Adam will be teaching participants about this type of training and listening to your body. It's going to be transforming.]

After working on squats, we moved to pullups. That work was good as well. This is when the real education happened. Brad started asking me the questions. I still don't have the answers to most of them, but I know when I find the answer, I will change my thoughts and behaviors. I need to unlock the gates to the walls standing between me and my potential.

In the process, I will learn even more about myself. It's tough work, but worth it.

At the end of our session, Brad did my body composition. I'm down nearly 3% bodyfat since June, but I weigh virtually the same. What a fantastic surprise that was. I only have 2% to go to meet my goal. I learned that the scale isn't everything. During these past few months I've been building new muscle and eliminating fat. My training worked. Plain and simple.

Get busy living - which means get busy learning!

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