Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day, Good Day

Iowa is snowed under, so no work, no school for the kids. What is there to do? My kettlebell training of course! I avoid training at home because I have a hard time staying focused. Today, however, my mind and body were totally into the home training. I feel GRRRRREAAAATT!!!

Double Clean to Squat to Double Press - 12 kg bells
3 reps / minute for 18 minutes
-My squats were less sticky today. My hips are feeling the loaded stretch from the deep squat, though! Good stuff!
RPE - 7

Snatches - 12 kg - 12 x 10 L, R
20 seconds rest between sets
-20 seconds goes fast. I had to slow down so that it took me about 45 seconds to do the snatches. The 35-40 second pace would have killed me! Okay, not killed me, but left me panting on the floor, for sure. :P
RPE - 8

Now I'm going to have a couple eggs and some broccoli. Then I have some research papers I need to grade. No rest, no rest. Get busy living........

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