Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

I was having a great snow day yesterday. My training went great; the kids were home; I got to relax. Then about 3:30 I started feeling a bit queasy. No biggie; I'll just sit for awhile. At 5:00 Barf Fest 2009 got underway.

I haven't had the stomach flu for years, literally. I made up for it yesterday. Every 15 minutes for four hours I was talking to the toilet. TMI, I know! Unfortunately, the barfing was the easy part of my ordeal.

If you check out my previous few posts, you'll see that I am having trouble with my squats. They are pretty sticky in one particular spot. My new round of training has me doing TGUs and double squats on alternating days, so my hips, butt, inner thighs are all getting a pretty good workout. In fact, they are quite sore. Because of this, last night I wasn't able to get any sleep. I could not find a location or position where the soreness was alleviated. That sucked eggs!

This morning I iced my hips and butt and did a bunch of Z Health, so it's better, but it's really ticking me off that THAT is what kept me from sleeping.

So there is another chapter in the saga of my life. Never a dull moment in my life, no-sir-ee Bob. I'm rehydrating today and hoping to grade the papers I was going to grade yesterday. Sigh!

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