Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Enough Already

All this stress has taken its toll on my body. None of my goal drills have been testing well the past week. Instead, body weight drills, animal moves, and pinch block curls have been winners. That's fine, to a point. However, I have goals I want to meet. That won't happen until I manage this stress.

What is my body teaching me through this? Well, it's telling me when to slow down. I've slept a lot the past 5 days. My body is telling me that it can work through the stress if I let it. My theory is that my body wants to focus on coordination and other fine motor skills to take the tension away from the places I typically carry it - neck, shoulders, low back. The animal drills force my brain to work in a new way, which diverts my thoughts from the source of my stress. I think my body is actually healing itself from the damage of stress faster by shutting down my normal training and opening up new movements for me.

Honestly, this makes me tear up because it is overwhelming how amazing our bodies and brains are. They really are efficient if we let them do what they need to do. Beautiful.

While I understand this change is what my body wants and needs, it is a bit frustrating. I'm impatient and I worry that I'll lose ground. I need to trust my body. Relax. Learn from myself. Be quiet and listen.

Here's my training from Monday:

Hindu Pushups - 4 min, 30 seconds
31 reps
-This sets a baseline for me since I haven't done these for a long time.

Lizards - 5 minutes
105 yards
-At Grip n Rip, I could even go 10 yards. My brain could not figure this movement out. Today, I was coordinated and quick. Movement PR.

Pinch Block Curls
46 reps Left, 53 reps Right
-I moved the plate down an inch, so I definitely had more volume than my last session. I'm not a physicist, so I'm not able to easily figure out how much more force moving the plate puts on the grip. Perhaps Ryan Pitts knows???

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