Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Training

Today, I felt better after training than I did before. It was an extremely hectic day full of stressful moments. There isn't an end in sight for that in the near future. I was so frazzled when I got to the gym. That state quickly faded when I began my training.

Pullups - band-assisted - 10 min.
30 reps
-These were all good reps with as little excess motion as possible.
-It was definitely a movement quality PR.

Dbl KB Cleans - 16 kgs - 13 min.
129 reps = 9030 lbs.
-This is a volume PR since April 14, even though that day I used 20 kgs bells.
-Today the 16 kgs test better and felt amazing. I tested immediately after each set and found that I was doing the right number of reps, mostly. I stopped around 13 minutes, but I felt so good. It was an affirmation that I did the right amount. I was in "the zone."

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