Friday, April 2, 2010

Small Victories

March was officially the month from hell. April isn't looking much better. *Sigh* If I didn't have my training, I'd be a basket case, for sure. Today I squeezed in a quick training session and hit a PR, of course! One small victory today. I'll take it.

Sumo DL, DO grip - 140 lbs. (on a barbell) - 8 minutes
59 reps = 8260 lbs.
-On March 22 I pulled 7965 lbs. in 8 minutes. On March 26, I had to bail on the DL after 6 minutes.
-It's a small PR, but it's still a PR. I'll get another good night's rest and train some tomorrow. I can't wait to see what tests well.

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