Friday, April 9, 2010

Good Day, Friday

Today was the best day of training I've had in over a week. Let me show you why.

Sumo DL - DO grip - 140 lbs.
68 reps = 9520 lbs.
-That is up 9 reps and 1260 lbs. since last Friday, April 2. *PR*
-I didn't rush. I went for fluid movement and easy reps. I delivered.

Hindu Pushups - 4 min. 30 seconds
43 reps
-That is up from 36 reps on Wednesday, April 5.

Bottoms Up Clean & Press - 12 kg
16 reps on the right
2 reps on the left, 25 BU cleans on the left
-I could have done more on the right, but I didn't want to stress my CNS. My left grip needs more work. That's why I did some BU cleans on the left. At least I have a baseline.

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