Monday, April 12, 2010


My time to train was short today, so I chose the two drills that tested best. I am satisfied with my two PRs.

Sumo DL w/ DO grip - 145 lbs.
70 reps = 10,150 lbs.
-On Friday I did 68 reps of 140 lbs. for 9520 lbs. *PR*

Bottoms Up KB Press
Left - 20 lbs. - 26 reps
Right - 12 kg - 22 reps
-I dug out my 20 lb. bell for the left since the 12 kg is a bit too much. I don't like the thin handle, but I was able to press it rather easily.
-The BU press on the right felt MUCH easier than it did Friday. I did 16 reps Friday w/ a clean before each press. Today I just pressed away.
-I could have done more reps on both sides, but I ran out of time. I still PRed, though.

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